I was the Senior
Citizenship Judge
of Canada.

Now, I work for you.

Renata Brum

I know the system — from the inside.

I heard thousands of cases over more than a decade as a judge. I’ll use my experience to help you anticipate and avoid potential problems that could derail or delay your application from being approved.

Global Business Specialists

Moving many, faster.

Insights that get your workers on-site when they need to be there.

Our clients’ success at the Canadian border continues. The stakes are high. We are on-call for you until every passport gets stamped.

Want to work, study, play or live in Canada?

There are many paths to Canada.
Choose the best one.
I can help.

I immigrated to Canada...

I stood in your shoes.

I was born in Azores, Portugal to parents with a grade-4 education. From that poor fishing village we made our way to Canada.

Immigrate to the US

We are now offering US Immigration Services.

I accept a limited number of clients and manage every case personally