Your passport to a life in Canada.

My personal practice—built one-to-one

During my time as a judge, I was reminded daily of the impersonal and indifferent ways a large government bureaucracy can neglect the people it is designed to serve.  There were quotas to be met and pressures to write decisions quickly. I made a choice to build Brum Immigration in the opposite way.  My goal is to have a direct, one-to-one relationship with all my clients, and never to delegate the crucial details of their cases to someone else.  This is why I limit my practice to a select number of clients.

My reputation. My unique experience.

I was appointed and served during both Conservative and Liberal governments, earning a reputation for compassion and for protecting the integrity of the system.

Over 11 years, I gained rare insights into the decision-making mindsets of the immigration and citizenship officers, the very capable gatekeepers to Canada.

My story is your story.

Though I’ve heard thousands of cases, I vividly remember so many of the people and their moving, sometimes harrowing stories of how they came to Canada.  I can’t help but see the faces of my parents and my relatives in theirs.